Determining the Best Blender for Crushing Ice & Frozen Foods

Blender for Crushing Ice

- Last updated on May 23rd, 2018 -

If you’re that person who spends most his or her time in the kitchen, then odds are high that you deeply understand the essence of having the right appliance to use for the specific task. For example: If you enjoy cold, pleasant and fine smoothies, it’s apparent that you know why having a blender that can handle ice is fundamental.

Blending an ice or frozen fruits can be an easy or challenging, frustrating or enjoyable task depending on the quality of the machine you’re using.

It’s more unlikely that you would want to get yourself in a situation where you instead get a blender that fails to crush your frozen fruits and thus leaving you with a lumpy or grainy solution or even worse you burnt out your blender.

So what’s the ideal solution in this case? The simplest way is just go for a high-quality blender, with known able to blend all type of foods for example this Blendtec Designer 625 that guarantee can be your best blender for crushing ice or your frozen foods.

The market currently constitutes a variety of heavy duty models of a blender to make frozen drinks.  They provide best quality smoothies from frozen fruits and vegetables with relative ease.

Perhaps you could be worried that high-quality blending machines for crushing ice would be comparatively expensive. It is not always the case. All you need to do is to identify the best manufacturer and buy from them.

Again, expensive is relative. The most certain thing nonetheless, is that even if a quality blender that crushes ice is pricey, you’re guaranteed of getting value for your money.

Top blenders for ice

5 Aspects to know before buy best blender for crushing ice

Before you start make any decision to buy blender that will crush ice or frozen ingredients, you should check this 5 aspects that important to the optimize your experiences when blending ice.

1. Ice crushing blender must have a powerful motor

The motor power is an essential element to consider when buying an ice crusher blender. Most of the blenders available in the market that fall short of this feature apparently lack sufficient punch.

It’s no reasonable doubt that an ideal blender for crushing frozen smoothie ingredients has to be powerful. At the same time, it also must be safe to use especially when plugging into the power socket.


blendtec motor

The ideal motor power for this kind of blender needs to range from between 1000 watts to 1500 watts motor. It is enough to push the blender to crush the ice without difficulty. The motors should be powerful enough to drive and crush the ice or frozen ingredient that’s put before them.

Technology is also advancing. So it’s even advisable to consider some of the additional features that enhance power utilization and safety in a blending machine for crushing ice. For instance, a cooling feature that would allow the motor to cool down after extensive use is recommendable.

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Some models come with advanced in-built overheat function, which turns off the blender and allowing the motor to cool down for a couple of minutes before it resumes the task.

This does not only prevent the motor from overheating and burning out. It also ensures you stay safe as a user from any imminent electric hitch that would consequently lead to injuries. It also adds value to the blending process since you’ll be able to get first-class smoothies.

2. Ice crushing blender blades made from strong material

Blades are arguably among the most important components to consider when looking for ice blender. Many people never bother to understand the role of blades in crushing frozen fruits and food ingredients during blending cold smoothies.


blades sturdy to crush ice

First, for adequate performance, just know that the blades must be made of sturdy materials. They don’t necessarily use sharped blades. They should also be placed at a vantage angle that would easily allow the blender to catch the ice or any frozen food content.

Blendtec and Vitamix produce very high-quality blades from stainless metal with technology processed that will never give you any downside when use to crush ice and frozen fruits.

If you find a blender with blades close to the sides or bottom of the jar, don’t hesitate to buy. In most cases, such blades hardly allow food contents to pass through without chopping them. It makes the works easy and faster. I’m sure that’s type of blender to crush frozen drinks that you would certainly need.

3. Find the right design and material for the container


container affect performance

We understand the significance wattage in ice blenders. However, it is not utterly the determinant factor of its overall performance. The design of the jar is also essential that will also add to the performance equation. How is this possible?

Best blender for crushing ice cubes will always move the frozen ingredients in constant motion while sucking it down via the blades. The contents are the pushed up the sides of the jar and whirl around in a continuous whirlpool. So, the entire process is then often dependent on the shape of the jar.

A blender with relatively wide pitcher makes it easy for the blending contents to fall to the blades hence speeding up the process. Narrow jars on the other hand would often require you to push the frozen ingredients down using a spatula, which can be a demanding task.

You, therefore, need to make the right choice on the basis of the design of the jar that you are selecting. Importantly, the shape and size of the jar determine the blending speed and the quantity of the content you’ll obtain from the process.

Furthermore, the material of the jar is also a significant aspect. It is ideal to go for one that is made of dense polycarbonate material. Alternatively, one made of impact-resistant glass would also be suitable. As long as the durability of the jar material is guaranteed under normal situations, you are good to go.

4. Ease and convenience of use

Blenders are machines. Some may be designed in a complex manner that would hinder you or anyone from using it with ease. If you’re using the blender on a daily basis, certainly you want something that does not require so much effort to assemble. In this case, you also don’t need a blender that will take ample of your time to clean.


ease to use

A variety of models out there often come with user manuals. Such manuals are helpful especially for someone who don’t understand how to operate these blending machines.

However, you should also go for efficient but straightforward blenders that would not require a lot of technical capabilities to operate. You definitely can’t fail to get one from the many dealers around.

Essentially, just make sure that you pick a blender to crush frozen fruit that wouldn’t waste your time and energy in your blending efforts.

5. Price

Apparently, this is always a sensitive element when purchasing anything. The bone of contention when it comes to pricing is whether or not you’ll get value for your money.

Ice blenders are often priced according to different features depending on a specific manufacturer. It is always advisable to check out with varying dealers before you settle for purchasing from the specific one. Some dealers often offer these units at discounted rates from time to time, which can help you to save a little bucks.

It’s possible that you now understand the significant difference between blending ordinary ingredients and frozen ingredients. Blending ice needs a high-quality, more powerful and efficient blender for best results. It is thus imperative to ensure that you make the right choice that would make a great addition to your kitchen.

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