Certified Refurbished Vitamix Blender: Is it a better Alternative?

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We all need the best in life. I mean, if there is no limitation in attaining the best who wouldn’t?  But at times, we work with what we have merely because we lack information to lead us to a better alternative.

This post is here to give all the juicy details that would allow you to enhance your blending experience like never before. Just make sure that you scroll down this article!

Why Certified Reconditioned / Refurbished Vitamix

It is always a nice accomplishment to have a rather powerful Vitamix blender as one of your kitchen appliances. However, it is also possible that it may be least of your priorities at this particular moment, perhaps because it is relatively highly priced. But who knows?

There are those people who have always opted to buy Ninja blender rather than the Vitamix models just because of the lower prices the former costs.. And if you are one of these people, then its better to first read What if the cheaper Ninja can defeat the powerful Vitamix? before making the ultimate decision.

We know the confusion on which particular blending machine to finally purchase can be very daunting. We thus recommend that you consider getting certified reconditioned / refurbished Vitamix blender that is affordable but does not compromise any quality element of the Vitamix blender itself.

What is Certified Reconditioned Vitamix Blender?

Certified reconditioned Vitamix blender is an overhauled or a serviced second hand or used Vitamix blender product that has passed all the rigorous quality assessment inspections.

The benchmark for this this assessment is a 17-Point Checklist that is used in determining whether or not the blender meets the quality standards set for Certified reconditioned blender.

This type of Vitamix bending machine also comes with a new 5-year standard warranty and all the other features as well as benefits similar to a brand new Vitamix blender. The only difference is that you tend to get it at a rather cheaper price.

Note: a 3-year extended warranty is also available for all certified reconditioned machines.

What is the recondition blender made from?

Ordinarily, Vitamix blender comes in a factory-sealed box. Therefore, the company immediately recalls any blending machine product with an opened or tampered seal from the market.

For some cases, there were Vitamix blenders that either used at product demos (some of them just displayed it without even being turned on ever), photo-shoots, or were returned by their owner because they changed their mind and replaced it with another model or color (Vitamix has a within 30-days no-questions-asked return policy).

These kinds of Vitamix blenders are used to create reconditioned blenders, with a certain note that the blender machine is still These are the types of the Vitamix blenders that are taken back to the manufacturer and used to create reconditioned blenders. There is always a note that informs the new buyer by confirming that the particular machine is still 100% in good condition, and passed their strict performance tests.

The qualification and reconditioning process

Once they get the “objected” blenders to be reconditioned,  a very strict checking sequence is performed on that blender starting from the machine part.

Any significant scratch on the blender base, an unusual sound from the motor, or a date stamp more than five years old  automatically disqualifies a machine. Every eligible for machine for reconditioning will be used to assemble a reconditioned blender model that exactly matches all the features and components of the original variant it came from.

Once a machine has been reconditioned, two additional quality control inspections will be performed, and must pass the 17-Point Checklist before they deliver it to customer.

All certified reconditioned Vitamix blenders in the markets have been assembled and reconditioned by hand in their factory at Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

The only differences you should know

1. Packaging

Each certified reconditioned Vitamix blender comes with a new packaging design that clearly identifies it as certified reconditioned program. It is only the packaging that is different from the original brand new packaging, otherwise everything else is similar. You will still able to find the new tamper, DVD and even for the cookbook inside the box.

vitamix refurbished box

2. Covered with a new 5-years instead 7-years standard warranty

The warranty policy is exactly the same as the brand new Vitamix.The only difference is the duration of the warranty. When all brand new Vitamix blenders are covered with 7-Year standard warranty (Update: all new Vitamix Accent Series comes with 10 Year Warranty), the reconditioned products are covered with a 5-Year warranty.

Keep in mind that the warranty still cover all parts, performance, and labor. If any part of your machine needs to be repaired or replaced during the period of your warranty (excluding damage caused by user error) Vitamix will take care of it at free of charge, including two-way shipping.

The other good news is that both  reconditioned and brand new Vitamix blenders are also available for  an additional  3-Year extended warranty, but at extra minimal cost


As you have seen, fixed budgetary issues should never hinder you from amazing blending experience using a high quality blending machine. A certified reconditioned Vitamix blender provides a better alternative for at an affordable cost.

You get a somewhat brand new Vitamix blender model give that all the reconditioned models have undergone and passed high standard quality control and strict checklist points.

The fact that you also get a 5-year warranty upon purchasing the reconditioned Vitamix blender is a confirmation for secure protection. You therefore need not to worry of any eventuality regarding functionality or break down because you are covered.

In summary, never let cost for purchasing a Vitamix blender model deter you from blending. Grab the amazing opportunity to purchase reconditioned Vitamix blender at almost half the price but with same quality and performance.

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