When Certified Refurbished Vitamix Blender May Be Your Alternative

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Why Certified Reconditioned / Refurbished Vitamix

Having a powerful Vitamix blender to complete your kitchen stuffs would be very delightful things, but somehow it may not become your first priority at this moment, maybe due to the expensive price of Vitamix blenders.

Even some of people start attracted to change their mind to get Ninja blender instead for the sake of the cheaper price offered. If you are thinking the same you may want to read this article What if the cheaper Ninja can defeat the powerful Vitamix? before you take a decision.

For this kind of confusion we would like to suggest you to consider to get certified reconditioned / refurbished Vitamix blender that will cost you without rule out any quality aspects of the Vitamix blender itself.

What is Certified Reconditioned Vitamix Blender?

Certified reconditioned Vitamix blender basically is a reconditioned product of second hand Vitamix blender which has passed the rigorous inspection with 17-Point Checklist against their high quality standards which at the end comes as new Certified reconditioned blender with a new 5-Year standard warranty with all the benefits and functionalities as in the brand new Vitamix blender but in cheaper price.

Note: a 3-year extended warranty is also available for all certified reconditioned machines.

What is the recondition blender made from?

When the initial factory sealed box of a Vitamix blender is opened, right away at that moment Vitamix can no longer sell that blender as a new one.

For some cases, there were Vitamix blenders that either used at product demos (some of them just displayed it without even being turned on ever), photo-shoots, or were returned by their owner because they changed their mind and replaced it with another model or color (Vitamix has a within 30-days no-questions-asked return policy). These kinds of Vitamix blenders are used to create reconditioned blenders, with a certain note that the blender machine is still 100% working properly, and pass their strict performance tests.

The qualification and reconditioning process

Once they get the candidate blenders to be reconditioned, they will perform a very strict checking sequence on that blender started from the machine part.

A significant scratch on the blender base, an unusual sound from the motor, or a date stamp more than five years old will automatically disqualify a machine. Every qualified machine will be used to assemble a reconditioned blender model that exactly the same with the original variant it came from.

Once a machine has been reconditioned, two additional quality control inspections will be performed, and must pass the 17-Point Checklist before they deliver it to customer.

all certified reconditioned Vitamix blenders have been assembled and reconditioned by hand in their factory at Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

The only differences you should aware

1. Packaging

Every certified reconditioned Vitamix blender comes with a new packaging design that clearly identifies that the blender is certified reconditioned program. The packaging is not same as the new brand packaging, but nothing else is different. You will still able to find the new tamper, DVD and even for the cookbook inside the packaging.

vitamix refurbished box

2. Covered with a new 5-years instead 7-years standard warranty

The warranty is exactly the same with the brand new Vitamix beside the duration. When all brand new Vitamix blenders are covered with 7-Year standard warranty, the reconditioned product is covered with 5-Year warranty.

Keep in mind the warranty still cover all parts, performance, and labor. If any part of your machine needs to be repaired or replaced during the length of your warranty (excluding damage caused by user error) Vitamix will take care of it at no charge, including two-way shipping. The other good news is both for reconditioned and brand new Vitamix blenders are available to get another 3-Year extended warranty.


Having a certified reconditioned or refurbished Vitamix blender is a wise decision for you who look a way to get Vitamix blender with an inexpensive price. The high standard quality control and strict checklist points they run will give you a like brand new Vitamix blender feelings and performances that you may not realize the different except if you look the box.

With fact all certified recondition Vitamix blenders are covered with certified 5-Year warranty should give you a secure protection without any risk that you should worry. Even you still able to add additional extended warranty for another 3 year if you want with some additional costs. So instead to full price for let’s say Vitamix Pro 750 you can get the refurbished version with almost the half price without worry about the quality itself.

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