Guidance: How To Find the Best Blender That Worth Your Money

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- Last updated on April 6th, 2018 -

Are you searching for the best blender to complete your kitchen appliances? Or under reviewing to find what is the best blender in the market? At, you will get detailed information and unbiased product reviews of top blender models in the market.

“Must know” things before you buy a blender

Before you decide which blender you should buy, it would be great if you already obtained with some detail information about the main components that really matter in a blender.

This information can be the aspects to consider, to recognize the best blender that worth your money.

The power of motor

Motor or machine is the most important component in a blender. Like in a car, if you don’t have a good machine on it, you will not achieve some certain speed, or even worse you cannot pass the hilly road with your car. If you don’t have good motor in your blender you will never get the good blended ingredients.

In some cases people even experienced an overheating motor on their blender which indicate that the blender doesn’t have enough power to crush and blend the foods.

best blender motor

Blender motor with 2 HP power

Here are some problems that you may find when you blend with poorly powered blender motor:

  • When you make smoothies, you still found pulp left on it, or even worse if you blend a fruits with its seed like strawberry you will still found them
  • When you try to put some frozen fruits, but your blades won’t turn at all, you need to keep adding water and/or need to keep stirring on it until the blades start to turn
  • Have you ever tried to make a peanut butter with your blender? Did you have luck to get your creamy and soft peanut butter?
[message type=”info”]Our recommendation: To get the best blended foods result, you need a blender which at least stated that it has 2 HP (horsepower) motor output on peak. That blender will deliver a minimum or at least 1.3 to 1.8 true HP in mechanical energy.[/message]

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With this type of machine in your blender it will surely give you a boost power to blend any foods you want. For any cases you need a higher level blender (for professional user), you can consider to take a blender which has peak output up to 3 HP. But something you need to aware, by having 3 HP blender will consume more electricity usage, since it will come with higher wattage level than the 2 HP one.

Blades material and technology used

You may think that the sharpest blades is the best one. No! It is not. It is the strength, the thickness, and the material that matter. With a huge power comes from the motor, it will produce speed about 300 mph that will pulverize anything even with blunt blade.

Fact: Having sharp blades will only give you possibility of cutting yourself or ruining your spatula during scrapping.

best blender blades material

Blender blades with hardened stainless steel material

We also know that almost all blender in the markets has blades made from stainless steel and the majority of people think that they are use the same type of stainless steel. In fact, not many people aware that stainless steel is just a term used to refer to a metal mixture. Based on Wikipedia, stainless steel is a steel alloy with a minimum of 10.5% chromium content by mass.

[message type=”info”]Our recommendation: Find the blender manufacturers that use high grades stainless steel and high techniques to form the blades. For an instance: Vitamix blenders have blades from hardened, laser-cut, stainless-steel with high grade quality that surely will give greater durability and strength impact.[/message]

Container design

Some problem that people used to experience with their blender container is the leaking issue, or the blender container has some places that hard to be cleaned up, where the residue liquids left and remaining. This can be a comfort place for bacteria, and will contaminate your smoothies. And for a healthy reason having blenders that has BPA Free container is a must.

blender container best is BPA Free

Blender container needs to have leak proof seal and BPA free
[message type=”info”]Our recommendation: Get a blender that has leak proof seal to avoid the leaking issue. For some blenders, they also have sanitizer or built-in with an auto-cleaning system on their device, so you don’t need to wash the container manually which can lead you to a chance of scratching the container. For you who like to use dishwasher at home, there is a chance to find blenders that dishwasher friendly, this will be a good additional point for you.[/message]

Spare parts and Warranty

A good blender always comes along with long year warranty support, and the official spare parts are widely available. We found that some blender manufacturers sell a certified refurbish blenders also with warranty. This is a good sign that they are very confidence with their product quality, plus will give you a secure feeling in case you have problems with your blender.
best blenders always bundled with minimal 5 years warranty

Find blender with at least 5-Year warranty
[message type=”info”]Our recommendation: Find a blender that provide you at least 5-Year warranty, and please make sure you can easily get the official spare parts in public. In some user experiences, the blender machine still works perfectly after so many years, but some seals or the container need to be replaced.[/message]

Note: Never used any unofficial spare parts, or the warranty will break.

The Top 3 – Best blender brands in the market

Among so many of blender brands in the market, there are 3 top brands that produce a blender types with its best feature. They are Vitamix, Blendtec, and Ninja Kitchen which consistent to produce a best blender product.

They have been chosen as the best blender producer because they have been focusing to develop high technology blenders in so many years and always compete to give best blender performance with latest technology. Even Vitamix has started this business since 1949, and Blendtec founded in 1975, while Ninja Kitchen is still new but it has produced a wide range of high level blenders with cheaper price, but cannot be underestimated.
For an easy comparison between 3 of them, here is the details of their best product in its class:

Top 3 BlendersVitamix 5200 StandardBlendtec Designer 625Ninja Mega Kitchen BL771
Power (Peak Level)2 Horse Power3 Horse Power2 Horse Power
Wattage1380 Watt1560 watt1500 watt
BladesDull BladesDull BladesSharp Blades
Auto Cleaning SystemYesYesYes
Warranty5 Years Standard Warranty (extendable)8 Years5 Years
Made InUSAUSAChina
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Note: the selected type is recommended for home usage, there are others type of blenders for each brands that you can explore at this section.[raw_html_snippet id=”4 top blenders”]

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