Perfect Smoothie Ratio that Gives You Balanced Taste and Health Benefits

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- Last updated on December 26th, 2018 -

If you drink smoothies and want to satisfy your cravings entirely, and also get loads of antioxidants and vitamins from all the food ingredients, then you possibly have to know how to make your perfect smoothie ratio.

Herein, you get to learn the specific steps for smoothie combinations that would allow you to get what you truly deserve, the kind of drink that will keep you healthy and super-active as you go with your day to day tasks.

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Components to Maximize Your Smoothie

Smoothie can ultimately be colorful vibrant and resplendently nutritious when prepared in the right manner and proper ratio.

That’s why you should not just pick every portion of the ingredients from your refrigerator to be set in your smoothie blender. Do you? Instead, you have to know how to balance the ingredients.

We all can attest that the recipe guides that often come with the blenders are somewhat complicated to understand, especially as a first-timer. But you should not let the guide to confuse your course when making your favorite beverage!

Here are the essentials components to make ideal smoothie ratios:

1. Fruits

fruitsIt is the main ingredients for you smoothie and probably can be 50% of your smoothie ingredients. Actually, the kind of smoothie you end up with is significantly determined by the fruits combination that you prefer to blend. You may choose to use frozen or fresh chopped fruits or even both depending on the type of blender you are using.

We have a wide range of fruit options and combinations to go for including: strawberry, banana, orange, kiwi, pitaya, mango, pineapple, peach, blueberry, blackberry, pears and raspberry among others.

There are plenty of fruit combinations that you can go for. Ideally, you can never be limited with fruit options for smoothie, regardless of your preference, just select on the basis of what you like at that particular moment.

When choosing fruits, go for the relatively ripe ones, whether fresh or frozen, both works, but the latter enables you to avoid using ice cubes.

2. Greens

kale and collard

You can also choose to use greens as part of your ingredients when making smoothie. Greens are often nutritious and healthy. Some of the green ingredients that you may use include kale, spinach and collards.

Some of the best vegetables that you may use are explained here, which would at least give you an idea of why and how to include each when making smoothies.

3. Fermentation Bonus

greek yogurt

If you want to get the nutrient-laden, healthy and tasty smoothie, consider using cultured foods as the base for the beverage. You got quite a number of smoothie base options to choose from including greek yogurt, coconut kefir, kombucha, cherry, and butter milk.

These fermented ingredients help in providing the “useful bacteria” that is essential in enhancing digestion process, immune system and allergy relief.  Therefore, once in a while you may consider adding such ingredients in your smoothies.

4. Proteins

flaxseed chiaseed

Protein are also ideal smoothie recipes. Proteins get you satisfied and full for better part of the day. They also enhance your appetite control. But the best part of it is when you’d wish to maintain muscles, adding little proteins on you smoothie every morning becomes perfect deal. You get adequate power to work out at the gym without easily getting tired.

Try adding hemp seeds, tropical chia seeds, or even nut butter on your smoothie. Interestingly, appropriate portions of proteins somehow adds flavor to your smoothie. So in a big way, you benefit from renewed energy and tasteful beverage when you choose to add smoothies.

5. Liquid

coconut water

It is arguably one of the essential elements that you must have when preparing smoothie. The type of fluid you use depends on the kind of smoothie you are making. The importance of having liquid is that it allows you to mix your smoothie when it fails anytime the blender is switched on.

There are many liquid options to use in smoothie including; filtered water, which is essential if you do not need to tamper with the drink’s flavor.

You can also use coconut water, especially if you intend to get the tropical flavor. Almond milk or fresh juices are also among the liquids that provide better alternatives for making your smoothie formula.

How to Get a Perfect Smoothie Ratio

It is pretty easier to learn how to make smoothies the moment you understand the basics. If you’d wish to make a tasty, balanced and creamy drink, here are the details;

Grab your preferred ingredients
Determine the ingredients balance
Consider extra flavor
Layer up
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