Divine Food Recipes

It's all began when I bought my first blender and started my routine drink smoothies every morning, which lead me to start BlenderVersus.com. After a while, I felt my body gave a signal to me that encouraged me to keep doing it and even do better.

I kept improving since then, I started combine my morning routine with fresh juices. That I found it really help my digestion system to not overtire consume a high fiber ingredients especially from green smoothies.

Day by day, I must admit this is become addicts, I keep digging more info about vegan foods. Not trying to say that I am a vegan now, but I try as minimal as possible to eat clean and healthy foods.

I've been making my meals at home to support my new eating behavior. On this page, I will share some of the simple recipes that I have tried before with hope they can also support people who are trying to do the same as me.