Vitamix vs Ninja – What If the Cheaper Ninja Can Defeat the Powerful Vitamix?


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Lately, there are 2 famous blender brands in the market that have caught great attention of many customers. These are Vitamix vs Ninja!

Both brands are making this products that pose serious competition in the market. Funnily, they put it outwardly clear without any fear of contradiction how their respective products are superior than their competitors’, more specifically, Ninja Kitchen.

If you look at Ninja Ultima Blender box as shown below, the manufacturer claims that, the Ninja Ultima Blender is better than Vitamix priced $600 (which refers to Vitamix Professional Series 750).

Can you feel how intensive  this competition is? The war has just started from here :)

Ninja box claim better than Vitamix

On Ninja Ultima Blender box, they claim better than Vitamix

The fact that Vitamix blender technology has been in the competitive market since 1949 doesn’t deter Ninja Kitchen from exuding high confidence and determination to compete with it as the major competitor.

Ninja offers cheaper blenders than Vitamix
Ninja Kitchen is conscious of approaches of attracting interest in the market by primarily, providing high quality blender models at rather cheaper cost than Vitamix.

The ranging price for Vitamix could be between $349-$649, while Ninja comes at 3x cheaper price, ranging between  $129-$349 depending on model.

Let’s reveal unbiased review – Vitamix vs Ninja

Subjecting the review to price would only place the competition into unfair hallmark. It’s obvious that Ninja blender far much cheaper than Vitamix.

But then how about the quality of these blenders in respect to the materials, performance, durability, and product warranty? Are they generally more or less similar?

VitamixNinja Kitchen
Power and SpeedExcellentExcellent
MaterialsMetal and a bit part from plasticsAlmost all use plastics
Container & LidBPA FreeBPA Free
BladesDull BladesSharp Blades
Blended product qualityBlend ingredient into smallest cell size with a short timeNeed more time and effort to blend ingredient into smallest cell size
Hot liquids supportYesNo
Auto Cleaning SystemYesNo
Made InDesigned and Made In USADesigned in USA and made in China
Warranty5-Year / 7-Year Standard Warranty (extendable)2-Year standard warranty
Warranty service feeFreeNeed to pay the shipping and handling fee
Pricecheck Vitamix blenders latest prices at amazoncheck Blendtec blenders latest prices at amazon

Vitamix vs Ninja blenders’ material

1. Containers are BPA free

Since blender is used to process food then we need to make sure they’re totally free from all chemical substances that are  hazardous in nature for our body, such as Bisphenol A (BPA). This is more specific on the  container part which has direct contact with food or ingredient.

both vitamix vs ninja has BPA Free container

Both Vitamix & Ninja blender containers are BPA free
The containers
  • Both Vitamix and Ninja container are made from BPA free material. It has been an intolerable standard.

2. Driver socket material

Vitamix vs ninja socket driver

Vitamix drive socket vs Ninja Blender drive socket

As you can see from the picture above, even the most important component in the Ninja blender: the drive socket, comes all plastics. While Vitamix uses metal gear on its drive socket.

The mounting part that connects the container and the drive socket in Vitamix has an elastic and flexible pad made from rubber, while in Ninja its all from plastic.

Update: Ninja Kitchen seems won’t let their competitor to put them down with this issue, and now they also have blenders with metal component on their driver socket. This only applies on Ninja Ultima Blender model.

The drive socket
  • Vitamix uses metal gear on its drive socket while Ninja comes all plastics.

3. Blades material

Every Vitamix blender model uses hardened, laser-cut, stainless-steel blades with high technology that ensures every edge is powerful and unlikely to get rust over time. The blades’ housing is also made of metal. While Ninja’s sharp blades come with plastic shaft.

We also found that due to the design of  Ninja blades you always pull out the blades every time you want to pour the mixed ingredients  from the container. This is a risky step. You might get injured if you’re not careful enough since the blades might easily cut your fingers.

vitamix vs ninja blades

Vitamix vs Ninja blades

Comparing the quality of blade in terms of sharpness, we actually don’t need extremely sharp blades fitted on a 300 mph speed motor. The power and speed from the motor, is enough for the blunt blades to pulverize any kind of ingredient or food substance.

The blades
  • Vitamix blades made from hardened stainless steel while Ninja’s blades body made from plastics.
  • The Ninja blades design that comes with sharp blades can be dangerous to your fingers when trying to set it on the blender or while your wash the blades.

4. Container lid material

Vitamix vs Ninja Top

Vitamix container lid combination between rubber and plastics while Ninja all plastics

Vitamix has 2-Parts lid design and they are separable. The main lid body is made of rubber, and the other part is a vented lid made of plastic.

This vented lid is designed to be placed in the center of the main lid with an additional tamper to help you press the blended ingredient. While the Ninja plastic lid comes with a unique lid lock system, with vented lid on one side.

Since Ninja has blades extension that has to be placed in the middle of the container, they designed the vented lid on the side part. But the hole is not as big as Vitamix’s, so we can’t add large pieces of ingredients with ease while blending to adjust the texture.

The container lid
  • Besides the fact that Ninja blender lids made all from plastics, the design of vented lid can be a downside since it limit your access to put in your extra ingredients while blending.

5. Body material

Vitamix vs Ninja Body Material

Vitamix vs Ninja blender body

Vitamix blender body is made of polycarbonate, dipped in liquid metal with brushed finish while Ninja blender has spray painted, and lacquered body along with a high polish plastic face.

The body
  • The metal body on Vitamix makes it looks luxury rather than Ninja body.

Performance comparison: Vitamix vs Ninja Blender

1. Blender Machine (Motor)

Both Vitamix and Ninja blender have a great powerful machine that definitely can generate magnificent power to crush ices, blend fruits, vegetables, frozen fruits, and to get all benefits from the ingredients.

The quality of the machine reflected on the power generated by both brands. To be compared:

  • Vitamix 5200 Standard comes with 1,380 watts power (they claim it can produce 2 HP speed on peak level)
  • Ninja Ultima Blender comes with 1,500 watts power (they claim it can produce 2.2 HP speed on peak level)
  • While other regular blenders in the market only provide in average 300-700 watts.
In summarized with that amazing power comes from both blenders, it will allow you to efficiently accomplish a wide range of tasks that most blenders cannot do.

2. Blend green smoothies

With both using either Ninja or Vitamix blender, you definitely can produce a smooth texture for green smoothies. But Vitamix makes it faster.

To prove this, I made a quick simple test by putting kiwi, baby spinach, apple, celery and pineapple for making a green smoothies into both Vitamix and Ninja blenders. To be fair I set the blenders to 30 seconds long for both of blenders.

This quick test showed on how these machines blend a high fibers veggies (celery) and a kiwi with its seeds in a short time.

The result was pretty amazing as we never had any doubt that both blenders with such high power can produce a smooth green smoothies. But Vitamix blended the ingredients into smaller cell pieces with smoother texture than Ninja.

smoothie result with Vitamix vs Ninja

Ninja vs Vitamix Green Smoothies Tested in 30 Seconds

3. Peanut butter result from Vitamix compared to Ninja blender

For you who likes to make your own peanut butter, this test might give you an idea about how these two blenders make a creamy peanut butter.

To test the performance for both blenders, we put roasted peanuts without any additional ingredients into both Vitamix and Ninja. We set both on highest speed level for 5 minutes.

During the process, the peanut in both blenders needed some help to get moving around, but the Vitamix was much easier to handle because they provide a tamper that can help us push the peanut to the bottom part near the blades, while with Ninja blender we had to turn off the machine and scrape the sides down very carefully due to a very sharp blades placed in the middle of container, and then run the blender again.

For the end result, we can say both blenders can make peanut butter in 3 minutes, but Vitamix made a very creamy peanut butter while Ninja made a chunky peanut butter. I would run another 3-5 minutes with Ninja to make the same level of creamy peanut butter.

4. Make hot soup in the blender

Have you experienced any explosion or leaking issue when you blend a pureed hot soup with your blender?

Yes! Be careful! When you blend hot liquids with your blender, please be aware that the container pressure can build up and sometimes can create a little explosion that make the ingredients to leak out from your blender container.

As a matter of caution, I realized that Ninja blender has clearly stated that hot liquid should not be put into the container of the blender.

This must be due to the fact that the container lid design doesn’t have any vent to release the steam. On the contrary, Vitamix container lid has a vent in their standard container lids.

Please be noted that not all Vitamix containers has vent on the lid. For example, if you are using 20-ounce container cup (travel cup), so you cannot blend with a hot liquid using this container.

5. Clean up the blenders

Cleaning up is pretty easy with both Vitamix and Ninja blender. To clean these blenders, just soak them with warm water and drop a little liquid soap to the blender container, put the lid on, then you just need to set the blender to the highest level speed.

For some blender models you can also press the pulse button to burst the power that will make more water round during the cleaning process. It helps to release all residues left from the ingredients that you used before.

Even better on some Vitamix models, it has a built-in auto-cleaning system option on the switch control to help you clean up the containers, lid, and the blades.

After run the auto-cleaning system, just remove the water from the container and rinse under running water to remove the soap from the blenders. That’s all and wait until the blender dry.

Product durability and warranty

Every electronic product has its lifetime, blenders have no exception either! The question is how long can Vitamix and Ninja blenders last? That will vary depending on how you utilize and maintain them.

We are likely able to estimate the lifetime on the basis on the materials. Blender with high quality materials should ideally, have longer lifetime than the cheaper one. Nonetheless, it’s just a standard logic, let’s see from a different point of view.

Which blender has a longer product warranty? Ninja blenders are covered with 2-years limited warranty (we found 5-years warranty can be obtained at certain condition) while Vitamix blenders are covered with 5-years or 7-years warranty depends on the model. Plus there is a 3-years extended warranty (optional with some additional charge) for all of them.

Regarding the procedure to claim warranty, both provide an easy way for warranty verification by calling their customer services, then they will explain how to get your replacement.

Please be noted: for Ninja blender you need to for the shipping and handling fee in order to obtain a replacement product.


Both Vitamix and Ninja blenders are good products. There is no doubt about that!

They definitely have strict competition in this market. But keep in mind that we always get what we pay for! At times, the cheap can literally be expensive.

With higher price we spend for Vitamix blender, we get  better quality products, materials, and also better blended products than what Ninja can offer to us.

But if you are working in a tight budget and only use blender to make your simple daily smoothies, then Ninja blender may be a better alternative for you.

Another option if you still want to have Vitamix blender but you are low in funds, then you may consider certified recondition Vitamix blenders.

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