About Us


Hi, my name is Andrew Harrington, a blending enthusiast for over 5 years.

I started drinking fresh juice and smoothies a few years back with colleagues at my workplace at one of our favorite juice outlets. I would occasionally take a few glasses from time to time. The more I enjoyed the drink, the more I craved for more of it. So I decided to quench my craving by purchasing a blender to make my all-time favorite smoothies, fresh juices and all sorts of purees right from my kitchen that I would take any time I feel like.

I developed more interest in juicing and blending food ingredients after reading about it extensively and later came to realize that there are tons of health benefits I’d enjoy from such beverages.

You see, losing weight is increasingly becoming a great health concern among many people. Scientists have nonetheless proven with no reasonable doubt that juicing is an ideal agent for weight loss. And I can tell you freely that in the last 5 years the quality of my health has considerably improved.

My primary objective for establishing BlenderVersus.com is to provide a well-researched, unbiased and accurate alternative resource platform for all aspects to do with blending and juicing. You’ll get all the detailed information ranging from comprehensive blender reviews, smoothies, fresh juices and other purees.

Stay put, learn, experiment and enjoy healthy living!