Battery Powered Blender Review – An Ideal Choice for Those Who Prefer Cordless Blender

best battery powered blenders

We can’t deny that one of the most useful tools in the kitchen is a blender. With the present day healthy living obsession, owning a blender has become more of an essential need.

A blender can be used for almost any task in your kitchen. It’s an easy tool that can help you to prepare a variety of foods and beverages including fresh juice, smoothies, sauces, and margarita among many more.

Operating most of the blenders is relatively easy. You only plug in the power cable and hit the operation button to turn on the blades. But at times you may face circumstances that do not allow you to plug the power cable into electricity.

For example: during a sudden electricity outage but you already in the middle of making your smoothie! Another scenario is when you have to go for a picnic or to have a pool party with your family.

The obvious thing running through your mind is whether you can continue with the blending process even without electricity and what would be a better option for it. And then you think of a possibility of obtaining a battery powered blender to be of significant help during such situations.

Understanding What a Battery Powered Blender Entails

A battery powered blender is a portable kitchen device that runs using power from a battery. The battery can be internally fixed on the blender, removable or provide power as an external source.

Cuisinart CSB-300

More often, these types of blenders are usually designed in compact size and are lightweight so that you can easily pack and travel with them without difficulty.

They are cordless and so it means you do not necessarily require to be close to a power socket to use them. Having them around makes your work ideally more comfortable because you’re not limited to blending your recipes at a particular spot.

So this type of blender suitable for a person who feels like they don’t need any kind of restriction or limitation when it comes to blending food ingredients. Precisely, they can be used anywhere, anytime.

Aspects that Set Battery Powered Blenders Different from Countertops Blenders

1. Portability

As mentioned earlier, the fact that these types of blending machines are small, lightweight and easy to carry is a significant element that distinguishes it from the countertops blenders.

Although there are a number of kitchen countertop blenders that are also reasonably portable, most of them need electricity to operate.

It shows that with this type of blenders, you benefit from portability and battery power, which makes it more advantageous.

2. Simplicity

Battery powered blenders are quite unsophisticated and very easy to use. Most of them come with a few but vital accessories that are simple to fix and detach. So, you will not struggle to operate them even when at the furthest end of the forest where you can hardly get a clue.

Other types of blenders often come alongside many accessories that at times gives you a hard time to comprehend which one to use where while with this type of blender there is no such of complex things, just turn it on and run the blades.

3. Low speeds

When you decide to use powered battery blender you should compensate your expectation regarding the output power for them blender itself.

You cannot expect a battery operated blender to compete with an electric-powered blender concerning speed and to an extent, performance.

The resultant effect of continuous blending of these machines is that the rotation per minute (RPMs) reduces and hence affecting the overall speed of the blender.

It is the reason that makes this blender suitable for low-medium blending tasks. That is why we suggest you determine what kind of tasks you would do with this type of blender.

Top Highly Rated Battery Powered Blenders

Now that we’ve looked at some of the vital nitty-gritties of portable battery hand blender, let’s get straightaway to the best brands currently in the market that are ideal to purchase.

1. Cuisinart-CSB-300

Cuisinart CSB 300

This is one of the best battery-powered hand blenders in the market that provides solutions to all type of tasks from the easy to the serious blending tasks. It is an immersion type of blender and comes with accessories to help you to comfortably blend various types of soft and hard food ingredients.

It does not matter whether you’re making pesto, pureeing soup, beating egg whites or chopping nuts, this battery-powered stick blender handles all these and more functions.

The unit itself is cordless with a rechargeable 7.4 Amp lithium ion battery that has a run time of approximately 20 minutes per charge. The stick is well constructed with a long, slim stainless steel shaft and a relatively large design blade.

It is thus convenient to use in during your blending needs as it also has a power button which releases the bottom half for easier cleaning.

Again, it is also easy to use and comes with 5-speed settings which allows you to control the blending process tempo depending on how soft or hard the food ingredient is.

2. Beckool Portable Juicer Blender

Beckool Portable Juicer Blender

We regard this unit as one of the best blenders currently in the market, based on some of the impeccable blending features that it presents. The design tells it all, it is lightweight, compact and convenient to carry. So, it is mostly suitable to anyone who prefers carrying it around due to its high portability.

It is more or less similar to various bullet blenders’ series in many aspects only that this one uses a built in 400mAh rechargeable battery that can blend for up to about 20 minutes when fully charged.

The unit also comes with advanced 6 pieces blades and a comparatively strong motor that allows it to blend various food ingredients with ease. You can make your smoothies, milkshake and any other type of food provided that the ingredients are not necessarily frozen.

In addition, it has a professional look but it is very easy to use. The power button is the only thing you need to press upon placing your ingredients and you’re good go since it automatically switches off after a maximum of 20 minutes.

It is easy to clean, constructed using safe materials and can also be charged using a USB cable, which again makes it ideal for anyone who would like to enjoy their smoothies or fresh juice anywhere anytime.

3. Waring TG15 Tailgater Blender

Waring TG15 Tailgater Blender

Waring TG15 is apparently the most suitable battery-operated portable blender for anyone who likes traveling and camping. It is an ideal one speed 12-volt blender with a capacity to whip up smoothies, daiquiris and margaritas, mix sauces and drinks on the go.

It draws little power and hence you can plug into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter or boat and still operate it. This unit also comes with a 14-inch cord, which is presumably long enough to stretch to a picnic table or tailgate party from the power source.

This blender makes about 6 cups of your preferable beverages at any given set and since it uses less power, you shouldn’t really load it with lots of food. It’ll probably derail its performance.

It is essentially very easy to operate and the convenience it provides especially when at picnic or tailgate parties is definitely on a higher level. Therefore, it’s an ideal choice for those who love tailgate and picnic parties and may be restricted with electricity.

4. Margaritaville DM900 Frozen-Concoction Maker

Margaritaville Cordless Frozen Concoction Maker

Margaritaville DM 900 is also among the top rated portable blenders that is powered using a battery. It is designed to provide ultimate amazing blending experience for fun making and relaxing mood.

It blends margarita perfectly and if you’re a fun of the same then this is the best deal for you! It comes with an automatic shave and blend feature as well as easy pour jar so that you don’t have to struggle to serve your concoction.

Guessing the right portions of ingredients when using this blender is out of question. The pre-programed settings makes it easy for you to get the right amounts and also conveniently blend the ingredient.

It comes with 18-volt Ni-Cd rechargeable battery that can blend up to 80 drinks on a single charge which makes it a perfect unit for concocting your margarita as you have fun during a pool party or enjoy the cool breeze at the beach.

Buying Guides: Choosing the Best Battery Powered Blender for Your Needs

After you are aware of the three most important aspects of a battery operated blender, you should have some of the ideas to move on to find the best battery powered blenders for you.

For that reason, we’ll discuss a few but noteworthy elements, which you need to factor in when shopping for one.

1. The type of blender- Stand up Vs. Handheld

Stand up Vs. Handheld blender

Ordinarily, the battery operated blenders come in two types; stand up blenders and handheld blenders. For that reason, you have to choose what you’d want to do with the blender before you purchasing.

Stand up blenders are relatively large, and can stand on the countertop. They’re ideal for those who consider preparing smoothies of juice for a considerable number of people.

Stand up blenders mostly have a powerful motor and have the ability to blend veggies and fruits as well as crushing ice.

Then again, we have the hand held type, also known as immersion blenders. They are ideal for blending relatively small quantity and also from moving from one pot to the next one on the stove.

Immersion blenders are more portable due to their lightweight, can do the mixing in any of the containers and often come with additional attachments. On the other hand, they can take quite long to blend particular ingredients, can hardly crush ice and they can exhaust you after more prolonged use.

2. Power source

You need to be meticulous on the type of power supply for your preferred appliance given that portability in this situation seems to be the underlying factor. There are two types of battery operated blenders based on power source, rechargeable and the battery based.

bettery for blender

The rechargeable batteries are often for the immersion blenders. So that when you’ve used and the battery runs out, you only detach it and plug them into a power outlet to charge up.

Most of the blenders that use rechargeable batteries often come with an extra battery to be used while the other one is charging.

An advantage for rechargeable batteries is that it gives you more freedom to move around with it. Again, you can use a variety of portable power sources to charge these batteries.

Most stand-up blenders will, however, be plugged into a portable power supply, in most cases on cars or boats through an A/C adaptor. In that case, you need to be careful to drain your drain the battery that the engine fails to start.

3. Duration battery holds the charge

Now, this is one of the elements that get you worried about the battery operated hand blender. The batteries run out quite faster. It’s one of these blenders’ downsides.

On average, an ideal battery-powered blender will hold a charge for about 20 minutes. Now you can imagine you want to blend large quantity. It’ll be hectic to keep on changing and recharging the battery all the time.

And by the way when buying one, make sure that the battery can hold the charge for at least 20 minutes. Otherwise, you’ll be in for inconveniences of your life.

4. Accessories

Ideally, a suitable battery operated hand blender should come with some different accessories. And these accessories should be able to perform other related tasks more comfortable.

Things such as travel cups and whisk blades should accompany the blender since they enhance convenience especially when you’re blending outdoors.

5. Wattage

You certainly need a battery operated blender that has sufficient power to blend even the hard fruits and vegetables.

You also need to know if the wattage is important but does not fundamentally determine the extent of crushing that a blender does.

It mostly depends on some features as well as the manufacturer. For example, some models offer merely 45 watts but crush ice efficiently given that they have smart blade design.

But in general, the immersion blenders are perhaps weaker in handling hard ingredients since they have a low wattage motor.

Chances are high you’ll struggle to blend hard stuff using hand-held blenders than you would do using stand up battery operated blenders.

Final Thought

From the review of these four blenders, it is apparent that you now have the idea of what to pick based on your specific needs in the event that you’re looking for battery-powered blenders.

If you’d like to enjoy blending multiple food ingredients using a powerful but compact portable blender then the Cuisinart-CSB-300 is your best bet.

But then again, if you’re someone who prefers blending smoothies anywhere, anytime from light ingredients then Beckool Portable Juicer Blender the ideal alternative to go for.

For tailgaters and picnic or camping lovers, you cannot get any better blending machine like the Waring TG15. It is just amazing for blending in such occasions and also as you’re on the go, as long as you have a car or boat to plug and charge it from.

Finally, if you enjoy drinking blended margaritas in pool parties or as you wind down in the sandy beaches, Margaritaville DM900 is the best pick for you.

All are ideal options that provide same results that you’d also obtain from countertop electricity-powered blenders.

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