Tips How to Make Your Smoothies Thicker and Creamy

make smoothie thicker

A creamy smoothie in the morning is exactly what you want to crown your early breakfast. That is if you are tired with the watery mixes. And to make this dream come true you have to thicken a smoothie with whatever your ingredients are.

This makes everything delicious for a quick meal in the morning. There are many foods today that would definitely finish a smoothie-making business and give you a healthy product.

10 Ways to Create Creamy Smoothies

Getting a thicker and creamier smoothie is a step forward to reaching your health goals. Thickening a smoothie starts with quality smoothie recipes, which should offer you clear steps of preparing your drink into the thickness you want.

That said, I have organized 10 different tips you can follow to make your smoothie creamier. These are very simple methods that should give you the easiest time while providing you every great result.

so without further ado here are the 10 tips on how to make your smoothie thicker:

1. Add High Fiber Veggies

For a vegan smoothie, you might need some core vegetables like spinach or kale, pumpkins, butternut, carrot among others. These can make you a real thick smoothie with the sought-after nutritional benefits. Beans, sweet potato, beets, lettuce among other fresh vegetables are great sources for fiber and even protein.

High fiber veggies are capable of making high-quality smoothies with great thickness. They also add a delightful taste to cap off the complete smoothie for you. Especially if you used the pumpkin puree, sweet potato, or butternut squash, you’d turn your drink into something more than an absolute beauty of a green smoothie.

2. Use Fruits That Can Thicken Your Smoothie

When you take advantage of fruits like creamy bananas and the thick avocados, then it’s an enormous way of adding protein, and tons of them, to the smoothie you wish to prepare. Without a doubt, you will get a denser, creamier smoothie made for the occasion.

Other juicy fruits you can keep on the mind include strawberry, mangoes which mostly are great even for flavoring the drinks to the perfect taste. Besides, fruits add a considerable amount of vitamins. Make your smoothie sweet; pineapples and raspberries can give you exactly that.

3. Freeze the Ingredients Overnight

Frozen fruit and other ingredients come as a special addition to a smoothie. The ice-cold ingredients (usually suitable for summer) can save tons of efforts and give a quick, easy result. Mango is usually preferred for freezing – it contains small amounts of fats when compared to other types of fruits.

The frozen ingredients are then tossed in the blender for mixing and making a creamy smoothie. Banana has been identified as one of the best frozen fruits when it comes to creating thick, ice cream-like smoothies.

You can as well freeze the liquid ingredients before adding to your smoothies. For example, the almond milk or coconut milk can be frozen and then added to the blender with other contents for really healthy smoothies.

4. Add Ice Cubes

Another great way of thickening smoothies without necessarily putting in calories is through the addition of the ice cubes. In fact, most recommendations regarding the preparation of a good thickened smoothie embed the addition of ice cubes.

These cubes are obtained by freezing liquids in ice cube trays. It is important to add your ice cube earlier before blending other ingredients. It gives any drink you hold a genuine thick touch.

You could also sweeten your smoothie by using coconut water ice cubes and you’ll have a tasty, delicious snack right next to you. You could add different types of ice-cubes including the milk, veggie or puree ice cubes. This is actually dependent on what you want the end product to taste like.

5. Add Chia Seeds

Adding a few tablespoons of chia seeds to the recipe does give a smoothie another level of thickness. These seeds usually absorb the liquid part of the smoothie in just a matter of minutes. What follows is the expansion of the seeds that in turn naturally make the texture of the smoothie a thicker one.

With chia seeds in the mixture, the desired smoothie consistency is easily achieved. Not only that. You are also guaranteed of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and fiber – all of which the blending enthusiast will need every day for a complete diet.

6. Add Yogurt

You may want to add any kind of liquid you like. Milk or coconut liquids could still frustrate you or rather do an incomplete job. Here is where the yogurt comes in – yogurt contains a natural amount of protein and usually, it’s thicker.

To be more specific, look for the greek yogurt. This will definitely improve the texture and thickness of your smoothie and at the same time give extra taste to the drink. It doesn’t harm using the regular-type yogurt known by many and is readily available. The only problem with this ordinary yogurt is that it carries lots of sugar and flavor.

Therefore, in case you find yourself unable to consume this kind of yogurt, don’t worry. Your meal will just be fine with the right yogurt on the list. Other forms of yogurt that can be used for the preparation are coconut or almond yogurt.

7. Add Coconut Milk

Coconut milk would be a great addition to any smoothie most of the time.  The smoothie resulting from the whole thickening process using coconut milk can make your smoothie thick enough and be a great source of creaminess, nutrients, and healthy fat. With the increased nutritional value, we know most people would definitely enjoy the snack.

This coconut milk is basically good for adding thickness to your drink. This is not just going to provide you with the required nutrients your body needs. The coconut milk smoothies go a long way to sustain you – which keeps you longer without feeling empty again in the stomach.

8. Add Protein Powder

Protein powder is a key component for many protein mixes. Whey powder is mostly used for this process. It may have been originally meant to help add protein to the meal. Although this powder can also thicken up drinks, consequently creating a super thick smoothie for ultimate enjoyment.

In fact, using protein powders is arguably one of the quickest and easiest ways to thicken a smoothie for perfect consistency. You will need to consider using first-grade protein powders to even get a nutritious smoothie which is good for your health.

9. Add Nut Butters

Nut jars of butter are another way to thicken a smoothie. There is a whole variety of these nuts on the market – so if you aren’t a fan of almond or cashew butter, you can be happy you have options like sunflower seed, macadamia, walnuts, and even pecans. The nut butter will improve the consistency of the drink to the standard you want. What nuts don’t do is making the smoothie creamy.

A powerful blender with strong blades is required to crush the nuts and extract the full nutritional potential of the hard ingredients. But you could also soak these nuts in water and leave them there overnight (if the blender isn’t powerful enough) before you blend.

When adding the nut butter, it should be measured moderately. The reason being that these ingredients contain a lot of calories. In that regard, just one tablespoonful of nut butter is just enough for making your smoothie a great drink.

10. Add Psyllium Husk

Psyllium husks are useful sources of both soluble and insoluble fibers and can help improve your smoothie’s thickness. So, if you’re constipating, this is a good starting point to curb the problem. The addition of the psyllium husks to smoothies whether they are fruit, veggie or peanut butter smoothies should be quickly followed with prompt consumption.

If the psyllium-added smoothie is not consumed immediately, the psyllium swells to a thick consistency which may be bad for use. This is because the soluble fibers in the ingredient have the capacity to absorb water to form a gel – which is hard to swallow.

Psyllium is good for weight loss, but you must exercise caution with it. It can harm you when not used appropriately. Just check with your doctor before you begin adding to every other smoothie you make.


In summary, making a great smoothie won’t take you a lot of time and efforts. But remember you need more than just the regular morning juice which is always watery. The real delight comes when you are sipping something thick – in the form of a banana smoothie or strawberry smoothie with the desired consistency for your stomach.

The methods above provide a great diversity you can use to regularize the breakfast menu and make it new every single morning. No need to panic on which one to use. You could settle on a few of them instead. We are fully convinced that you will be satiated with the results, at least.

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