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Owning a blender is becoming a necessity and become mandatory these days. However, the biggest dilemma usually arises when it gets to choosing the top rated blenders that would serve and solve your blending needs.

Numerous blender manufacturer all over the world compete to provide this kitchen appliances. This article provides a review of arguably the best blender brands that you can find it the market by BlenderVersus.

1. Vitamix – Top Blender Brand

vitamix top brand blender

Vitamix is considered as one of the best blender makers of the current generation. The company founded in 1921 as a family-unit and regularly incorporating technology on its products since 1949 is a strong statement that indeed it is the top blender brand.

Vitamix has a series of products that have consistently over time shown high performance blended with technology to produce quality results to domestic consumers and those in the food industry.

Apparently, all the Vitamix’s products are designed, built, assembled and tested at their headquarters in Ohio, USA before dispatched to the respective markets. The essence of this has always been to curb counterfeits and preventing cases of producing substandard blenders and spare parts.

Most of the products they have been producing for the market are made of sturdy materials such as metals that enhance the durability and sturdiness of the blending machines. They have also considered powerful energy-saving motor that regulates speed and optimize torque, stainless steel blades and some accessories that enhance the usability of the devices.

Choosing Vitamix blenders for your blending needs would be ideal. The premium engineering element in their machines enables them to blend a variety of food ingredients.

They provide a 7-year warranty on their appliances, which covers shipping both ways, damage on parts and performance. Honestly, this is a plus because as a user you are confident of compensation in case of any unlikely event while using Vitamix products.

On the other side, the Vitamix blending machines are very expensive. They range between $359 to $600 depending on the type of series and the outlet you are buying from. One of the famous Vitamix series blending machine is the Vitamix Pro 750.

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2. Blendtec – Another Premium Brands made in USA

blendtec best brand blenderIf you ever heard about Vitamix then it best chance you also ever heard about Blendtec since the competition of this two blenders are very strong especially in the US.

Blendtec manufacturers have been in the headlines for a considerable time for manufacturing some of the highly regarded blending machines of all time.

Popularly known for their obsession with innovation and embracing technology, it has produced some of the high-end blenders used in many homes and commercial food joints today.

It started as a family business, and it is still owned and managed from that perspective with its headquarters in Utah, USA. All of its appliances are designed and engineered in the USA with an assurance of matching the exacting standards. This manufacturer boasts of being responsible for the uncountable blending innovations that have taken place in the blender manufacturing sector.

One of the appealing aspects of this company is its continuous determination in advancing technology in the blending machines that they produce. Their designs are sleek and appealing to the eye and at the same time incorporate surreptitiousness sound-dampening technology.

They also provide very strong blenders made from quality raw materials and parts such as steel blades. The manufacturer asserts that their interest is not necessarily commerce but driven by the higher cause of ensuring that they help people to take healthy ingredients for healthy living by providing high-quality blenders.

Most of the operations revolving around the production of the Blendtec blenders are usually in-house. They offer an 8-year warranty on their products, the longest of all the blender manufacturers.

Most of the blenders from this company are multipurpose and sturdy. One of the most famous blenders from this manufacturer is Blendtec Classic 625

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3. Ninja Kitchen – Affordable Blender Brand

ninja kitchen best blender

This blender manufacturing brand has been receiving enormous following in the recent past.  Owned by a company named Shark Ninja, LCC it has managed to stand out and counter the intense rivalry in the market for a considerable time.  This manufacturer has managed with a specialty in producing high quality and innovative household wares that suit the lifestyle of people who seem to be busy.

The Ninja products are not known to be as expensive as the other high end blenders, but they seem to be doing the job that other so-called high-end manufacturers brand do.

Ninja branded blenders have parts, which are readily available in various outlets. It helps because in some instances, replacing broken parts is what could be needed for a blender to resume its efficiency.

Ninja Kitchen prides itself on producing high-quality brands that are way too much affordable in the market. The company has easily penetrated in the market since they chose to price their blenders at cheaper rates compared to their competitors.

They manufacture products made of high-quality materials that uphold the standards in the market. All their blenders are designed in USA and assembled in China.

When we check on the blenders manufactured by Ninja Kitchen, we realize that they majorly use plastic materials for most of their blender components. Perhaps, one of the major reasons why they offer the blenders at cheaper prices compared to Vitamix and Blendtec.

The fact that most of their blenders’ parts are made from plastic gives it a slight disadvantage in the market since plastics can easily break, get scratches or get cracks. However their blenders are still sturdy, steady and can perform almost all the tasks that the other competitors’ blenders can do.

The warranty period for Ninja Kitchen blenders is 2 years, except a few models that might be provided for up to 5 years. And the most famous Ninja Kitchen branded blender in the market is the Ninja Ultima Blender

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4. KitchenAid – Famous Brand for Kitchen Appliances

KitchenAid one the best blender

Another American favorite blender manufacturer in the market is KitchenAid which owned by Whirlpool Corporation. It was started in 1919, and over the years it has stood out the market competition by consistent engineering and re-engineering of its products features and designs.

KitchenAid known as one of the best kitchen appliances manufacturer in the world. Even their best seller product seems to be a mixer but they are also provide a high quality blender that even comes with 3 Horsepower machine, that make this brand is automatically included in this competition.

Additionally, one major thing making this brand unique is that all of its models since inception allow for cross-generational attachment compatibility. The craftsmanship and nifty technology embedded on the KitchenAid blenders are just out of this world, which gives them an edge over its main rivals in the market.

Their blending machines come in a range of four colors which allows the consumer to choose the one that suits their preferences. One of their best feature is the Intelli-Speed Motor Control senses that automatically adjusts the blade speed to blend through all types of ingredients.

All its parts are assembled and tested in US, which is also critical in ensuring that cases of counterfeit and inferior products and parts are reduced. The cost for these blenders range from one machine to the other, but in general, they are much affordable and match their individual pricing. Currently, KitchenAid offers free shipping on all orders.

KitchenAid 5-speed Diamond is common among the products of KitchenAid blenders.

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5. Breville – Best Blender Brand from Australia

breville blender top

Breville is known for producing high-quality blenders ever since time immemorial. It was established in Australia (Melbourne) in 1932, as an original manufacturer of sandwich toaster before advancing to other electrical home appliances including blenders.

Due to the increased of their popularity In 2002 the Breville brand was launched into the United States and Canada. Breville trades in over 30 countries including China, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, Israel and other 30 countries in different continents and all owned by the Breville Group.

The Breville products are manufactured with the consumer in mind, to meet versatile functionality and conform to modern technology. They ensure that they provide products that match the cost the consumers spend on them thus getting value for your money.

They also provide warranty on their products and the duration for the same varies depending on the particular Breville blender series that the customer purchases.

One of the highly rated blender manufactured by Breville is the Breville BBL 605 BS XL series. This product was ranked the best blender of the year 2012. It has continued to get best reviews until today and seems like many consumers are considering it.

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